Abraham Sedgwick (April 27, 1721 - March 22, 1791) was a Captain of the Revolutionary Army during the American Revolution and the head of the West Hartford company that was sent to confront British General Thomas Gage's British Army in Boston. He was the grandson of Samuel Sedgwick, an early settler of West Hartford, Connecticut, and the son of Ebenezer Sedgwick and Prudence Merrills. He lived on a farm inherited from his father to the west of North Main Street.

On January 16, 1776, he attempted to dissuade angry American patriots across the Sarah Whitman Hooker house from attacking two prisoners of war, Philip and Andrew Skene, and their Tory friends inside. The incident was only stopped after Sarah Whitman Hooker herself went across the street on the corner of South Main Street and New Britain Avenue and confronted them.