Chester Faxon (September 14, 1805 - November 5, 1885) was the grandson of Captain Ebenezer Faxon and the owner of a shop in Elmwood, West Hartford, Connecticut, where he made and repaired wagons. He was also the father of West Hartford librarian, Julia Faxon.

Faxon was born

Faxon died in West Hartford, Connecticut, at the age of 80.

Family Edit

Faxon married Sarah Deming on June 12, 1833. She died on February 26, 1848, prompting him to remarry.

  • William Edward Faxon (1838-1927) - unmarried.

Faxon married second to Delia Seymour on September 27, 1849. She died on May 26, 1852, prompting him to remarry again.

Faxon married third to Lucy Mills on September 29, 1853.