Elizabeth Goodwin (November 2, 1792 - January 18, 1839) was the daughter of Allyn Goodwin and a 6th-generation descendant of Ozias Goodwin, an original founder of Hartford. She married Horace Steele (1775-1867) on June 2, 1824, a bookbinder and the son of Thomas Steele and Eunice Clapp. The family resided in Hartford until her death on January 18, 1839.

Children Edit

  • Sarah Jane Steele (b. June 5, 1825) - m. Emilius L. Beckley
  • Emily Steele (Oct. 16, 1827 - Mar. 12, 1835) - child.
  • Lucy Ann Steele (b. Mar. 26, 1830) - m. Lorenzo Lamb - resided in Hartford, CT

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