Emily Goodwin (December 4, 1827 - December 12, 1897) was a resident of Hartford, Connecticut, and a 7th-generation descendant of Ozias Goodwin, one of the founders of Hartford. She was a thorough Christian woman.

Goodwin was born on December 4, 1827 in Hartford, Connecticut, as the daughter of Allyn Goodwin, Jr. and Emily Fenn. She grew up in the area and attended the local schools. She lived in Hartford all her life, even through all three of her marriages. She lived at 18 Congress Street.

Emily Goodwin died on December 12, 1897 at her residence of 18 Congress Street in Hartford, Connecticut, after a stomach illness she had suffered for several months. Her illness was a very painful one, but she maintained her cheerfulness and patience to the end. Her funeral was held on December 14, 1897 at 2:30 pm.

Family Edit

Goodwin married Francis E. Lyman on March 22, 1849. The couple moved to Manchester, Connecticut, soon after their marriage. Lyman died on November 26, 1850.

  • Julia Frances Lyman (Dec. 24, 1849 - Apr. 24, 1851) - infant.

Goodwin married for a second time to Roderick F. Washburn on March 29, 1856. However, on April 22, 1857, he died at their home.

Goodwin married for a third time to Joseph F. Pitkin on September 24, 1872. The couple had no children.