Frank A. Lane (February 8, 1850 - November 25, 1917) was a resident of the North End of Hartford, Connecticut, and a well-known tobacco grower.

Lane was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on February 8, 1850, as the son of Adolphus Lane and Helen Evans. In 1852, the family moved to Hartford, Connecticut, where he attended the Northwest School and graduated from Hannum's Business College at 870 Asylum Street in Hartford. Soon after his marriage in 1872, he became interested in Southern real estate, trading orange and grapefruit plantations. He owned a large hotel on Captiva Island in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Florida coast. He also owned a large tobacco plantation in Hartford, Connecticut, making him a prominent businessman in the tobacco fields.

In early September 1898, Lane traveled to Cuba as one of the passengers on the first steamer to leave for Cuba after the blockade was raised after the Spanish-American War. He was there for four months, inspecting the different provinces for their agricultural potential in the interest of the Cuban-American Tobacco Growing Company. While there, he helped raise tobacco there on a large scale. "As for the country," Lane said, "I believe Cuba is the garden of the world, or could easily be made so." After he returned to the United States in late January 1899 and gave an interesting account on his impressions of Cuba to the Hartford Courant.

The family suffered a great tragedy in late May 1903 when their son, Frank A. Lane, Jr., committed suicide in the Connecticut River at Rocky Hill, Connecticut. The family sued to recover money two years later, but the wound was still very open. On November 25, 1917, Lane died at Fort Myers, Florida, where he had made his summer home for the prior 24 years, at the age of 67. He was transported back to Hartford, where he was buried.

Family Edit

Lane married Sarah Mather on October 23, 1872.

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