Horace Steele (September 2, 1775 - April 26, 1867) was a Hartford bookbinder and the husband of Elizabeth (Goodwin) Steele, a 6th-generation descendant of Ozias Goodwin, one of the original founders of Hartford. He was the son of Thomas Steele and Eunice Clapp. He married Elizabeth Goodwin on June 2, 1824, and lived in Hartford until her death on January 18, 1839, when he moved to Berlin to continue practice bookbinding. Afterwards, he made bandboxes, which he carried to Hartford to sell to the milliners from Berlin, Connecticut. He remarried to Elizabeth Crocker, the daughter of Captain John Crocker and Elizabeth Holt.

Their home, a large colonial house set well back from the street, was in its day socially a center of attraction, filled as it was with bright, merry young people.

until his death on April 26, 1867.

Children Edit

By first wife, Elizabeth Goodwin

  • Sarah Jane Steele (b. June 5, 1825) - m. Emilius L. Beckley
  • Emily Steele (Oct. 16, 1827 - Mar. 12, 1835) - child.
  • Lucy Ann Steele (b. Mar. 26, 1830) - m. Lorenzo Lamb - resided in Hartford, CT

By second wife: Elizabeth Crocker