James Talcott (Nov. 21, 1893 - Jan. 6, 1983) was the chairman of James Talcott, Inc., one of the oldest factoring and commercial finance companies in the United States. As the son of J. Frederick Talcott and Frank Vanderbilt Crawford, and the grandson of James Talcott, one of the founders of the company, he was born in New York City on November 21, 1893. He received his primary education from Cloyne School in Newport, Rhode Island. He graduated from Harvard College in 1916. After graduation in June 1916, he attended one of the summer training camps for the Navy during World War I. He joined the Talcott company in New York with his father in 1916 after his grandfather's death as the Assistant Treasurer. His mother, Frank, had died while he was at Harvard. In April 1917, he married Mary S. Johnson of Boston and made their home in Scarsdale, New York.

In December 1917, he enlisted in the Naval Reserve as a seaman, 2nd class, and was transferred to the Naval Auxiliary and ordered to the S. S. Zulia. After being aboard the ship for two months, he was ordered to school at Pelham Bay, being given the rank of quartermaster, 3rd class. After attending school for two months, he was graduated as an Ensign and attached permanently to the Pelham Bay camps as instructor of navigation, where he served until the Armistice in November 1918. He suffered the flu around Christmas of 1918 and was released from active duty as soon as he was able to be up and around again.

Talcott returned as Assistant Treasurer of James Talcott, Inc., which continued doing business in financing the production of textile mills. He succeeded his father, J. Frederick Talcott, as President of the company in 1944 and assumed the post of chairman in the 1950's. He retired from the company in 1968. On January 6, 1983, he died of a heart attack at his home in Rye, New York. He was 89 years old.

Children Edit

  • Frances Crawford Talcott (May 13, 1918 - May 7, 2003) - m. Thomas C. Chalmers (1917-1995)
  • Mary Hope Talcott (May 20, 1920 - Aug. 17, 2008) - Elliot H. Goodwin (1917-1994)
  • Joan Talcott - William H. Batchelor (1921-2004)