John Whitman (December 22, 1713 - July 10, 1800) was a West Hartford citizen and an indirect ancestor of Walt Whitman, an American poet, essayist, and journalist. He settled in West Hartford, Connecticut with his first wife, Abigail Pantry.

Whitman was born on December 22, 1713 in Farmington, Connecticut to Reverend Samuel Whitman. He was deacon in the West Hartford Congregationa Church for nearly half a century. He resided with his wife on the Pantry farm in West Hartford; all his children were by the first marriage.

In 1792, he was appointed to a committee to make an application to Hartford for permission to allow West Hartford to become its own town. The effort to secure the approval of the people of Hartford before proceeding to action by the General Assembly of Connecticut was futile though.

Whitman died on July 10, 1800, leaving behind seven child by his first wife.

Family Edit

Whitman married first to Abigail Pantry. She died on February 19, 1765.

Whitman married second to Hannah Wells on January 24, 1768. He resided on the Pantry farm in West Hartford. The couple had no children.