Lamrock Flowers (February 14, 1658 - June 19, 1716) was an early settler of West Hartford. Flower was the progenitor of the American branch of the Flower family. He was born on February 14, 1658 in Somerset, England. He settled in Hartford, Connecticut in 1685 and a year later, settled just north of the spot where the first church was built after marrying Lydia Hewitt Smith in Hartford. He participated in the petition that led to theIncorporation of West Hartford Parish in 1711.

Flower died on June 19, 1716 in West Hartford. Inventory of his estate was taken on July 4, 1716 by Samuel Sedgwick and Thomas Steele. He left most of his estate to his son, Lamrock Flower, Jr. and what was left was divided among his four sons after his wife's re-marriage or death. He was the father of 10 children.

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