Levi Deming (August 27, 1772 - January 1, 1847) was a Newington, Connecticut farmer and the second husband of Sarah Faxon, the daughter of Captain Ebenezer Faxon and Eleanor Whitman. He spent his entire life in the place of his birth, leading the peaceful and uneventful life of a farmer. He was prominently identified with the church, but held no public offices.

He married first on May 9, 1804 to Sarah Sage, the daughter of William Sage and Anna Hollister in Cromwell, Connecticut. Sarah Sage had been born in 1780 in Middletown, Connecticut, and died May 24, 1827 in Newington at the age of 47. Then, Levi Deming married for the second time on June 4, 1828, in West Hartford, Connecticut to Sarah Faxon, the daughter of Captain Ebenezer Faxon and Eleanor Whitman, the daughter of John Whitman. She had been born July 13, 1784 and died on March 10, 1855.

Levi Deming died on January 1, 1847.

Children Edit

  • Caroline Deming (July 26, 1809 - March 23, 1842) - unmarried.
  • Sarah Maria Deming (Nov. 22, 1811 - Jun. 5, 1888) - m. Daniel Horatio Willard (1811-1880)
  • Levi Sage Deming (Oct. 23, 1817 - 1904) - m. Caroline Scranton

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