Mary Elizabeth Scully Tourtellotte

Mary Scully

Mary Elizabeth Scully (February 3, 1866 - August 30, 1920) was a resident of Middletown, Connecticut.

Scully was born on February 3, 1866 in New York City as the daughter of John Scully and Catherine Dunn in New York City and received her schooling in Middletown, Connecticut.

During the end of her life, she had a stroke and was contained to the home. On August 30, 1920, she died, leaving her widower, William, and her children.

Family Edit

Scully married William Ford Tourtellotte on April 25, 1889 in Middletown, Connecticut. From 1891 to 1908, she had nine children.

  • Grace Ethel Tourtellotte (1891-1962) - John G. Stone
  • William Tourtellotte (1893) - infant.
  • Gertrude Tourtellotte (1893-1916)
  • Francis G. Tourtellotte
  • Edith Tourtellotte (1894-1971) - m. Albert L. Smith
  • Zita Tourtellotte (1896-1966) - m. Arthur Donovan
  • Caroline Tourtellotte (1899-1991) - m. Clarence Machol
  • Irene Tourtellotte (1908-1980) - Theodore D. Rutherford
  • Alma Tourtellotte (1901-1979) - Stanley Winner

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