Richard Patrissi (1961)

Patrissi at the nursery, early 1960's

Richard Patrissi (February 28, 1937 - March 7, 2013) was the chairman of the annual Park Road Parade and the longtime proprietor of Patrissi Nursery in West Hartford. He was instrumental in the transformation of Park Road from an area riddled by crime to a prosperous neighborhood with several popular restaurants, bars, and a playhouse. In October 2014, the community dedicated a memorial clock to his memory after the 17th Annual Park Road Parade.

Life and Death Edit

Richard Patrissi

Patrissi receiving his diploma from O. M. Scott & Sons, Aug. 1963

Richard F. Patrissi was born in 1937 to Frank Patrissi and Teresa Repole in the Hartford area in Connecticut; however, his family moved to West Hartford when he was a boy. He became enmeshed in his community through the nursery, which his father helped open in 1942 on Ringgold Street off of Park Road. The gardening center was founded by his grandfather, Dominick Patrissi. Indeed, the Hartofrd Courant in an article dated March 28, 1953, had the title, "First Drive-In Nursery Starts in West Hartford." When Patrissi's father, Frank, passed the business to him in the following decade, the nursery became well-known throughout the town.

Patrissi graduated from Hall High School in 1955 as President of the class. He graduated in 1959 from Providence College and remained active as an alumnus throughout his life. He was the longtime proprietor of Patrissi Nursery, where he met and made many friends. He married his wife, Norma Gracie. Richard was very active in all aspects of West Hartford and was known as the unofficial "Mayor of Park Road." He was a member of the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the Park Road Parade, and a supporter of the Intensive Education Academy. In 1992, he formed an association with Angelo Faenza, the owner of Prospect Cafe and president of the Park Road Business Association.

Patrissi Nursery (1950's)

Patrissi Nursery, 1950's

In September 1987, he attended the wedding of his daughter, Susan, in Newington. In 1992, he formed an association wih Angelo Faenza, the owner of Prospect Cafe and president of the Park Road Business Association. In 1995, the Hall High School graduating class of 1955 gathered on the front steps of the school for the 40th anniversary. In 2000, he attended the swearing in of his two sons, Richard and Robert, into the Hartford Fire Department. In the 1990's, he sold the Patrissi Nursery. Soon after his death in 2013, however, his family bought back the nursery.

Patrissi Nursery (1973)

Patrissi (far right) at the drive-in nursery, Aug. 1973

On March 7, 2013, Patrissi died at Hartford Hospital at the age of 76. Besides his wife, he was survived by his children and ten grandchildren.

Children Edit

  • Susan Patrissi - m. Thomas Calvi, Sept. 19, 1987
  • Lori Patrissi - m. Vincent Errico
  • Richard J. Patrissi
  • Robert Patrissi
  • Ron Patrissi