Samuel Sedgwick (1667-1735)

Grave in West Hartford, Jul. 4, 1906

Samuel Sedgwick (1667 - Mar. 24, 1735) was an early settler of West Hartford. He arrived in the area in 1695, purchasing two or three of the sections south of Park Road, embracing over 360 acres of land that were settled during the Division of West Hartford. He was also the grandfather of Theodore Sedgwick, a Delegate to the Continental Congress and the 5th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Life and Death Edit

Samuel Sedgwick was born in the 1660's, possibly 1667, in Hartford, Connecticut, the only son of William Sedgwick and Elizabeth Stone. He was the grandson of Robert Sedgwick, the original immigrant to New England that bore the Sedgwick name. Samuel was only about seven years old when his parents wee divorced, and his father William died soon thereafter. His mother soon married again, with Samuel living often with his grandmother, the widow of Reverend Samuel Stone on her mother's side. Upon her death in 1679, he inherited a lot of land from her, even though he was only in his teenage years. The calamities of the wars with the Native Americans moved Sedgwick to West Hartford, where he settled in an early house south of Park Road with the money he inherited from his grandmother. The legacy he left as an early settler brought generations of influential citizens and descendants to West Hartford.

Upon the death of another early settler, Lamrock Flower, in June 1716, Sedgwick took inventory of his estate with the help of Thomas Steele.

He and his wife, Mary Hopkins (1670 - Sept. 4, 1743), the daughter of Stephen Hopkins and the granddaughter of John Hopkins, one of the founders of Hartford. He married her in Hartford in 1689; they had ten children.

Children Edit

  • Samuel Sedgwick, Jr. (1690-1724) - m. Ruth Peck
  • Jonathan Sedgwick (1693-1771) - m. (1) Isabell Stebbins (2) m. Anna Brace (3) m. Sarah Gillette
  • Ebenezer Sedgwick (1694/95-1759) - m. Prudence Merrills
  • Joseph Sedgwick (1697-1765) - m. Ruth Smith
  • Stephen Sedgwick (1700-1768) - m. (1) Mary Hopkins (2) m. Elizabeth Porter
  • Abigail Sedgwick (1702-1743) - m. Benjamin Kellogg
  • Mary Sedgwick (1705-1759) - m. Jacob Kellogg
  • Elizabeth Sedgwick (1708-1738) - m. Thomas Orton
  • Thankful Sedgwick (1710-1720)
  • Mercy Sedgwick (1712-1745) - m. Caleb Merrills, m. Ebenezer Mix
  • Benjamin Sedgwick (1716-1757) - m. Ann Thompson