Goodwin, Aunt Margaret Ann (1912)

The old Goodwin homestead he built, as it looked on the Windsor road in northern Hartford, CT, 1912

William Goodwin (November 10, 1733 - May 26, 1805) was the great-great-grandson of Ozias Goodwin, one of the original settlers of Hartford, Connecticut. He was also a veteran of the American Revolutionary War.

As the son of William Goodwin and Elizabeth Collier, he was a farmer residing on the Windsor road, in the house which he built, which was later occupied by his granddaughter, Margaret Goodwin. He married Margaret Cook on August 5, 1756 and the couple moved into the home.

Goodwin served as a corporal at the New Haven Alarm on July 5, 1779 during the American Revolutionary War in Captain Moses Seymour's company. A veteran of the American Revolution, he died on May 26, 1805.

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Goodwin married Margaret Cook on August 5, 1756.

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