William Pantry (1597-1649) was one of the founders of Hartford in Thomas Hooker's company from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was born in 1597 and arrived in New England in the same ship with other settlers, such as Samuel Greenhill, Timothy Stanley, and Simon Willard. A lot was granted to him in Newtown, Massachusetts on August 4, 1634 and became a freeman from training on March 4, 1635. The following year, he arrived in Hartford with Thomas Hooker's group, and he emerged as one of the wealthiest of the original proprietors. His home lot in 1639 was on the street now known as Front Street. Soon after he became constable in Hartford in 1649, he died, leaving his wife, Margaret.

Children Edit

  • Mary Pantry - m. Richard Bryan
  • John Pantry - m. Hannah Tuttle